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silennis is an affordable luxury, because true luxury lies in simplicity, in the attention to details.

silennis means losing yourself and finding yourself again, because there is nothing better than being part of nature. 

silennis is a new way of boating in which you are part of the environment.

silennis is quiet respectful boating.

silennis S.020 is an electric motor boat designed for people who want to be closer to nature. Pollution-free and virtually no noise, the silennis lets you to sit back and enjoy the peaceful environment. The electric motor offers optimal manoeuvre capabilities and 360 degree turning capacity.

This outstanding manoeuvrability also lets you drive the vessel backwards effortlessly.

More and more people are discovering the comfort, environmental friendliness and low maintenance offered by the electric motor.

silennis S.020, a way of understanding and living life to its fullest. No hurries or stress, knowing when to stop and smell the roses, enjoying the moment, the journey, the sounds of silence. A new experience open to the world and the outdoors, where little details awaken big sensations.

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