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The silennis S.020 is the perfect size for easy handling while cruising through the city's canals. The layout is carefully designed to accommodate two adults and two children or pets on a day of shopping, picnicking? or a leisurely excursion. With the easy-access spacious stern platform you can also carry your bicycles aboard.

“The name Amsterdam comes from the dam built by fishermen on the Amstel River to protect the city from high tides and floodwaters," Nienke tells us.

"I'm in love with this city. With almost 800 years of history, it's constantly renewing and reshaping itself. Amsterdam is a romantic city while at the same time, extremely dynamic.

"The way people move around also lends the city a peculiar sort of rhythm. In Amsterdam there is more water and bicycles than in any other city in Europe."

“I use my silennis almost every day. I usually take the silennis and then ride my bike the rest of the way to work. It seems that the city and the boat were designed for getting around like this."

“On Fridays I go with Jan Wouter to pick up the kids and take them to a park near our house. The fact is you can go just about anywhere you want in the centre of Amsterdam by boat. I think it's hard not to fall in love with a city like this."

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