For fishing alone or with a friend, whether trolling or jigging. The silennis S.020 has plenty of room for poles, nets, lures and everything you need to enjoy a day of fishing. The low gunnel height allows for an excelling viewing angle for fishing. The water-level open stern is convenient for hauling a heavy catch onto the boat.

"I've been around the water since I was a kid," says Antxon as he gazes at the estuary. "When I used to row with my brothers on the 'trainera' skiff, we'd go down the river every day." There was direct access from Antxon's house to the pier.

"I've been a fisherman at sea for a long time and now that I'm about to retire I think fishing is going to become my favourite hobby. Fishing for a living is about the toughest job there is, but as a pastime it's one of the most relaxing activities around."

"I don't buy on impulse," says Antxon. "But this time I just couldn't resist. It was love at first sight. And it wasn't only me. My friend Felix and even my wife ask me when I'll take them out fishing with me."

“Besides being a very smart-looking boat, the silennis has a lot of beautifully finished details. The multi-position seats are really comfortable and allow me to move around the boat. Since the deck is so spacious, I have plenty of room for my rods, cases and all my other fishing gear."

"The quiet motor makes it really pleasant to go trolling." You feel like you're being carried along by the flow of the river."

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