Hunting and photography

With the electrically powered silennis S.020 motor I can glide quietly through the water when I go hunting or when I want to take pictures of wildlife. The multi-position seats come in very handy for adopting different shooting positions, and dogs carrying prey in their mouths can easily board via the stern platform.

Erik Jakobsen is a photographer who lives in Norway. He moved from his home in Oslo to a house with a small pier on Sognefjord fiord.

“The air in the Norwegian fiords is pure and clean. It's a lot easier to breath here and your mind is free to wander.

Hunting and photography are his life-long passions.
“The area is rich in game,” says Erik with a smile. "My dinner often consists of something I've hunted, or sometimes a neighbour comes by with a fish he's caught.

“Normally I hunt alone with Kira, but sometimes my next door neighbour Arne joins me. He always tells me how much he loves going out in the silennis.”

"I do a lot of nature photography for magazines and try to choose areas I can go to with my silennis: lakes, rivers, canals, coastal areas ... whatever the editors want me to photograph."

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