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The pearl of the Mediterranean, a perfect place for enjoying inlets and deep rocky coves, or even just dropping anchor near a spot on the beach. The spacious silennis S.020 stern platform doubles as a sundeck, and the multi-position seats make a great backrest for soaking up the sun while your partner scuba dives. If you're less of a sun worshipper, the bimini top can be quickly deployed at anytime.


“Diversity, contrast ... for such as small sea, we have one of the most diverse melting pots of culture.

"History, culture, gastronomy and the Mediterranean landscape all play a role in the aesthetics and value of our brand." Carlo Ferragi is a businessman who runs a shoe factory in Palermo.

"My work requires me to travel a lot. So when I'm at home or on holiday I like to enjoy the Mediterranean. I've owned a 48 foot yacht for a long time, but I bought a silennis thinking it would be a good idea to have a small boat to use while on holiday."

“Francesca and I are very keen on diving and underwater photography. The idea of a lightweight boat with an electric motor is perfect for us. We use the silennis more and more often to explore the little coves near our home."

"When we bought it there was just the two of us ... but now Calogero also likes to come along. There's no problem with space. The silennis is more than just a two-seater. The completely unobstructed deck gives a feeling of spaciousness; the central seat is big enough for the three of us sit comfortably. The aft is totally open, which makes it easy to slide into the water or climb aboard the boat.

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