The silennis S.020 is ideal for surfing. You can easily move from one spot to another to look for the best surfing conditions, and set anchor close to the breaks. The ample deck provides plenty of space for surfboards and wetsuits. The accessible stern platform is open at the waterline making it easy to get into the boat with your surfboard.

Julen and Moritz are two surfers from the hinterland – Oñati and Múnich, respectively – who have managed to move their work to San Sebastián.

They met on a surfing trip in the Maldives. Every day a local guide would take them out on a boat to different spots so they could find the best breaks.

"It's really important for surfers to do some stretching exercises both before and after surfing. A deck with room for stretching like the one on the silennis is a real luxury,” says Julen. "Plus, it's easy to get in the water and to get back on the boat with your surfboard. The silennis is a great way to get yourself out to the best waves.”

“When you're in the water and a boat passes by, it leaves a nasty smell of gasoline fumes,” says Moritz. “But the silennis is another story altogether. With the electric motor there's no noise and there's no pollution going into our water.”

On those days when the surf's not up, what better excuse for taking an excursion and discovering a new secluded spot.

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