S i l e n t  S i m p l e  &  S u s t a i n a b l e

Silennis is a silent, simple, and sustainable new way to navigate. No hurries, no pressures, savour the moment, the journey, the silence. 

A new experience where you become part of the environment  integrated into nature, where small details awaken great sensations 

With our boats you will have the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments in beautiful surroundings listening only to your guests and the peacefullness. We are looking for a new way to navigate, where you are part of the environment, there is nothing better than feeling integrated into nature. Silennis is silent, respectful navigation.

We produce highly efficient and reliable boats specifically designed for electric propulsion that consume less energy, to give you more autonomy. We handcraft them in the  Basque Country, North of Spain. 

electric boat in use

We equip our boats with the best manufacturers of electric propulsion, providing high reliability, low maintenance and extensive technical assistance coverage.

Advantages of electric propulsion for boats :

Prices. Silennis is accessible luxury; true luxury consists in simplicity, in the attention to detail. That is why our boats have obtained prestigious design awards such as the Red Dot and the Silver Delta.

Prenio Red dot Silennis S020


Even our new S010 boat has been a finalist for the Gussiest awards,  Plugboats' best electric boats of the year 2022