B o a t    R e n t a l    C e n t e r s

Silennis electric boats are highly appreciated by boat rental centers because NO LICENCE is required to drive them in most countries.

Our electric propulsion boats are very simple, very stable and their prices are very competitive.

 S010 equipped with outboard motor: advantages

> less maintenance and deterioration by being able to lift them out of the water when they are not in use, avoiding the continuous attack of marine organisms, especially in salt water.

> better maneuverability compared to inboards motors

> easily replaceable in case of failure without taking the boat out of the water

> the motors that we equip can be easily programmed, limiting power both in forward and reverse gear, reducing the risks of bumps, etc.

> propulsion systems can be easily changed as technology improves

S010 other strong points

> can carry up to 7 people (cat D)

> bench area at the bow, very appropriate for socializing with the option of mounting a removable central table and a small solarium

> aft bathing platform with handholds and optional bathing ladder for climbing up from the water

> thick rubber fender around the boat to prevent bumps when docking, etc.

> the driving position with the central steering wheel and column is ideal for controlling the boat and the rest of the crew.

> it is easily towable if necessary on a small trailer that could occupy a standard parking space.

> we have several options available such as synthetic teak on the deck, awning-bimini for the sun, deck mats,...

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F i s h i n g

To fish in company or alone, trolling or jigging. Our boats have enough space to carry rods, relines, bait and everything you need to enjoy a day of fishing. The low gunwale allows us an optimal viewing angle for fishing. The open stern at water level is perfect access for heavy prey. By having a silent motor it is very pleasant to troll. You have the feeling that you are in the current of a river.


P h o t o g r a p h y 

With an electric motor the silennis moves stealthily when I go to take pictures of animals. The multi-position seats come in handy as support to adopt comfortable shooting positions and the platform at the stern is easily accessible for the dog to climb with the prey.


S u r f i n g

The Silennis is great to go surfing. You can go from one place to another looking for the best conditions and anchor close to where the waves break. With a very spacious deck there is plenty of room for surfboards and wetsuits. In addition, the accessible stern platform, open at water level, is a perfect access for when you arrive with the board.


A m s t e r d a m

With perfect dimensions to move with agility through the city canals, the Silennis has a very studied distribution so that two adults with two children or pets can move around the city shopping, walking, picnicking, etc. They can even easily carry their bikes on the boat thanks to its spacious and accessible stern platform.

S i c i l i a

The pearl of the Mediterranean, perfect for enjoying the nooks and coves with depth and even stranded on the beach. The aft platform of the Silennis serves as a large solarium and the multi-position seats serve as a comfortable backrest to lie in the sun while your partner dives. And if what you prefer is to be in the shade, the bimini can be set up quickly

W e d d i n g

The S010 becomes the ideal vehicle to take the bride and groom to the banquet in an elegant and surprising way!