s i l e n n i s    S 0 1 0

An electric boat specially developed for users who want to navigate safely and without worries. Highly appreciated by new users and boat rental bases. It is perfect for boat charters and sustainable nautical tourism!

The hull shape design has been specially developed for electric propulsion and therefore confers it good stability and great hydrodynamic efficiency, minimizing energy expenditure and maximizing autonomy in terms of time and distance.

Main particulars

Length: 3.95 m

Beam: 1.85 m

Draft: 0.49 m

Max. load.: 595 kg

Boat weight: 385 kg

Max crew: 7 pax (cat D) / 4 pax (cat C)

Naval architecture: J. Alegria

Design: dhemen 

Distribución de compartimentos /tambuchos

No navigation license is necessary! due to its small length and engine power

Its spacious and functional deck can accommodate up to 7 people (cat D).

It is considered unsinkable due to the buoyancy reserves implemented in foam volumes between hull and deck.

At the stern it is equipped with a bathing platform that is easily accessible from the water or even from the dock and can be completed with a retractable ladder as an option.

Optional equipment

bimini protect yourself from the sun

removable picnic table to can share meals, snacks, dinners, drinks

bow and stern cushions

forward solarium

Electric propulsion

The S010 is equipped with silent electric outboard motors and lithium batteries, very reliable from leading brands with technical assitance throughout the world. This gives you great versatility by being able to easily change the motor and/or battery. Includes charger that can be plugged into any normal or port 220V socket

Depending on the power of the motor and the capacity of the batteries, we propose 2 motorization options, although we can adapt to your needs.

S010 Power propulsion pack

Power electric motor: 1.0 kw (3Cv)

Batteries lithium Ion:      1.28 kwh

Vmax:   8 km/h (4.3 knots)

Autonomy Vmax:     1 hour 20min

Vcruise:       5 km/h (3 knots)

Autonomy Vcruise:     5 hours

S010 Premium propulsion pack

Power electric motor: 3.0 kw (6Cv)

Batteries lithium Ion : 4.1 Kwh

Vmax:     10 km/h (5.4knots)

Autonomy Vmax:     1 hour 20min

Vcruise: 6.5 km/h (3,5 knots)

Autonomy Vcruise:                   8 hours

Note: All velocities and ranges refer to calm sea conditions, boat with a clean hull and a maximum of 2 people on board.

Information is SAFETY

To make navigation easier and safer, our electric propulsion systems have a built-in display where we can see at all times 

Also it's possible to program or limit the power of the motor to extend the time and distance autonomy

It has a wide 100% usable deck and is equipped with 5 compartments or hatches to transport everything you need, safety equipment included, to enjoy great moments sailing silently, enjoying privileged natural environments and at the same time protecting them from noise, odors, smoke, fuel spills,..

The S010, with capacity for up to 7 people (cat D) is great to spend a day sailing with family and friends!

  Perfect for sustainable nautical tourism!

Due to its dimensions (3.95m in length and 1.90m in width) it is very easy to put into the water and transport on a trailer fitting in a standard parking space (5mx2.3m). In many areas it will not be necessary to pay for a mooring because of its ease of dropping it in the water and putting it back on the trailer

Standard equipment

stainless steel steering wheel

 Uflex mechanical steering

motor control lever

digital display indicating battery level

propeller rpm, instant speed, instant power consumption, remaining running time, remaining distance autonomy, real voltage

 battery charger

special marine charging socket and charging cable

hatch for the steering column 

locker for personal equipment + picnic

locker for technical equipment

locker for safety equipment

large locker for additional batteries with spring holder

bow locker for anchoring gear

all lockers have key locks

handle in aft swimming deck

side aft cleats

bow cleat hidden in anchoring locker

Optional equipment

Piicnic table

Bow and stern cushions

 Forward sundeck


Anchoring awning

Artificial teak Flexiteek 


Swimming ladder

The S010 is a very versatile electric boat, perfect for any plan, even a wedding!