s i l e n n i s    S 30 0

Model under development

Very versatile electric propulsion catamaran focused on sports training for rowing, canoeing and sailing clubs, etc...

Extremely efficient configuration of its hulls, sailing without causing waves and a minimal wake, so it does not disturb the boats that are training and allows optimal communication with them due to its silent propulsion 

Main particulars

Length: 5,35 m

Beam: 2,1 m

Draft: 0,48 m

Max. load.:200 kg

Boat weight: 250 kg

Max. crew: 4 pax (cat D)

Naval Architecture: J. Alegria

Design: dhemen

Double motorization installation, one motor in each hull providing great maneuverability by being able to drive one of the motors forward and the other backward.

 S300 Power propulsion pack 

Power electric motors: 2x4=8,0 kw

Batteries lithium ión, capacity: 4 x 4,096 = 16,384 Kwh

Vmax: 25 km/h (13,5 knots)

Autonomy Vmax: 2 hours)

Autonomy Vcruise: 8 hours

We have carried out a deep study of the shapes of the hulls to maximize their efficiency and minimize the wave and wake

Rowing training center